Bachelorette Party Entertainment

More than the food and drinks, it’s the entertainment that makes or breaks a bachelorette bash. It is therefore very important to find the right kind of entertainment appropriate to the party’s theme, and suitable to the preferences of the bride-to-be and her guests. Here are three ideas that are guaranteed to keep every type of audience amused.

Romantic movies are the cheapest and most convenient bachelorette party entertainment x96 just buy some popcorn and watch sappy movies that remind the bride of her love story. Stick to stories with happy endings x96 the cheesier, the better. This kind of entertainment is best for intimate ‘pajama’ bachelorette parties held at a close friend’s home.

Take everyone to a concert of the bride-to-be’s favorite singer and then head out to a favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks (and maybe some low-key dancing). This option is a little pricier, but is perfect if you want a fun and laid-back night out with close girlfriends. Check the entertainment sections of the newspapers and specialty magazines for concert schedules.

If you’re ready for all-girl naughtiness, then watch a male stripper in action! You can either hire a male stripper to come to the bachelorette party venue, or go to a strip club to see several of them strut their stuff. You can easily get in touch with professional male strippers through Websites (log on to the ones with pictures of the strippers so you can pick one that the bride will find attractive). Stripper services go from about $200 and up. Be sure to reserve early, because they do run out during peak months (June and December).

Remember that this kind of bachelorette party entertainment is great for an open-minded bride and a young and spirited audience, but if you plan on inviting older, more conservative women (like the bride’s grandmother or future mother-in-law), stick to something more wholesome.

Baby Swimsuits

A few years back, garment companies were in a tussle to secure a foothold in the kids’ casual garments industry. Today however, there is an itsy-bitsy piece of cloth that these industries are trying to corner: swimwear for children. With more families frequenting clubs, water parks, the beach and amusement parks, the demand for kids’ swimwear is on the rise. Quite a few fashion houses, too, are concentrating on kids’ swimwear, the reason being that this market flourished in the nineties and is a money generator today.

When shopping for kids’ swimwear, there are two things that should be kept in mind – color and design. Children usually get attracted to loud, vibrant colors as opposed to dull, safe colors. Whereas girls are usually content with flowers and polka dots, the little ladies can dress up in multiple styles of two-piece bathing suits from bikini cut to tankinis; these suits come in as many different designs and styles as maillot suits do.

With boys, it is a different ballgame. The new fad for boys’ swimwear appears to be none other than cartoon-themed trunks. It is a renowned fact that children love cartoons and, following a deluge of kids’ films usually lapped up by boys, the garment companies are cashing in on the cartoon craze by manufacturing kids swimwear featuring popular cartoon characters found either in comic books or films.

Wrap up your children’s swimwear shopping in style with a vibrant beach towel or swimming robe to help them dry off more quickly and willingly.

Baby Showers

Baby showers represent the joyous celebration of having a baby. Baby showers are the parties thrown for expectant mothers who are shortly expecting babies. They are generally non-relative in the sense they are usually given by friends or co-workers. Baby showers bring excitement along with loads of gifts for the baby as well as the mom-to-be as well as the people who throw the shower.

Baby showers need a lot of preparation. They should be planned as per the convenience of the expecting mom as well as the cultural and religious traditions of the family. Some cultures do not receive gifts until the baby is born. Some showers can also be planned after the birth of the baby as this enables the guests to have to look at the new born, though generally baby showers are thrown before the birth only. They are usually given 2-3 months before the delivery date.

The exact date and the time can be planned as per the mother’s requirements. The shower can be thrown in anyone’s house (could be the organizers’), at a restaurant, at a reception hall, at an outdoor area like a garden or a park, or in the office. The guest list can be prepared after consulting the parents-to-be and can have the “Guest of Honor”, who can be the grand-parents or God-parents. Baby shower parties can be based on a theme and they can also include interesting games like naming games and baby food games to make the party last for a couple hours. Baby shower favors are also given to all the guests who attend the shower. Baby shower gifts have to be very thoughtful and it is better to give items which would be useful for the mom or the baby.

Now a days, Co-ed baby showers, which include both the mom and the dad, are also very popular. Traditionally baby shower were held only for the first baby, but these days, baby showers are being held for succeeding babies as well. Baby showers for subsequent babies are known as sprinkles. They are generally useful if the second baby is not the same sex as the original child, or if there is a long time gap between the two babies, as the mother may not still have the original clothing and equipment. Baby showers can also be planned for adopted babies.

Baby Shower Themes

Choosing a theme for the baby shower is the first step in organizing a baby shower. You have the choice of not having a theme at all, however, having a theme will make the party lively, entertaining and a memorable experience. Before deciding a baby shower theme, you need to consider what your guests would find enjoyable. It’s a good idea to put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would enjoy doing at a baby shower.

The theme forms the central base of baby shower. The theme affects the decorations used, the ambience, food served, dressing code, gifts given and invitations sent out. The invitations should include shower themes on them. Some moms-to-be would be thrilled with a formal brunch or a tea party, while some others would rather prefer something more unusual.

Overly cute themes will not work for a combined shower for males and females. The reflection of the theme can be seen on the supplies used such as the character on the plates and napkins or the overall ambience. Themes should always be decided upon, after thoroughly considering the mother’s personality and interests. A theme is the fun part of any shower. Some of the well-known themes are Nursery Rhymes, Baby safety, Little Prince or Princess and Angel. Other interesting themes include Baby Diaper Cake shower theme, Teddy Bear shower theme, Gift Basket shower theme, Christmas baby shower theme, Noah’s ark shower theme and Stork shower theme. A shower theme on baby care will be perfect if the expectant mother has not begun shopping for baby items. She will need everything; this gives the guests great deal of flexibility. Guests can also pool money together to buy her a special higher ticket item like a crib, car seat, or a stroller.

Baby Shower Supplies

The supplies for baby shower should be listed before hand. The decorating items should match the theme and the color planned. For the buffet table, the most important thing is allowing for a smooth flow. If there is a beginning and an end, start with the plates and end with napkins and drinks. There should be plenty of space for the guests to put plates and glasses down around at the house. Keep the baby shower area as less cluttered as possible. Coasters and napkins should be in abundance. Some of the supplies needed for the shower are baby shower centerpieces, diaper wreaths, diaper cakes, cookie bouquet baskets, bubble gum cigars, wishing wells and baby confetti. There should be prior planning to give out return gifts to the guests.

It is advisable to start planning for a baby shower early. After holiday sales are a good time to pick up some of the baby shower supplies such as decorations, gifts and other non-perishable items. Baby shower supplies can also be ordered online and several online stores specialize in products for the baby as well as baby showers.

Planning a baby shower is exciting but a somewhat stressful task. Some important instructions to be kept in mind that might make planning easy are to consult with the soon-to-be parents about their schedules, preferences and guest lists. This will ensure that all their favorite people will be there to share their happiness. In addition, the party should be planned closer to the end of the pregnancy. This will add to the excitement. Invitations should be sent at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Whether it is attending a baby shower or planning one, remember that it is a celebration for bringing a new life into this world, so enjoy!

Baby Shower Invitations

Baby showers are delightful celebrations. They are a perfect way to welcome a baby into the world and to distract an apprehensive mom-to-be. And what better way to do this than to invite all the well wishers of the parents-to-be at a single place? Baby showers are generally given by friends or co-workers, but can also include relatives as guests.

The guest list can be drawn after consulting the parents to be. This helps to avoid disappointments or embarrassments such as leaving out someone important or inviting someone undesirable. If the baby shower is for the second or third baby, it is very important to include people who could not make it to the baby shower of the previous babies. Even though surprise parties are fun, it is not advisable in the case of baby showers as it may not be convenient for the mom-to-be.

The invitations may include basic information like the who (Host/hostess), what, when (time), where (address, phone number and maybe a map of the location), and RSVP information, along with other interesting things like the gender of the baby (if the baby is already born or if the gender is known), the theme of the party (nursery rhymes, Noah’s Ark, or A to Z), and the name of the Guest of Honor.

Baby showers can include any number of guests, the usual number being between 5 and 20. Invitations can be mailed 4-6 weeks before the actual date for out of town guests and they can be mailed 2-3 weeks before for local guests.

The invitations cards can also be based on a theme and can have interesting shapes and designs like balloons, diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, or teddy bears. The cards can also be hand made as long as they reflect the true spirit of the party. These days, there are many websites that offer ideas as well as products specifically for baby showers.

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are a beautiful way to celebrate the coming of a baby into the family. The baby shower party is thrown by friends or colleagues to get together with the mom-to-be and have a good time while bestowing gifts and good wishes on the mom as well as the baby. It can be a simple affair with a few close friends and family on an afternoon or it can be a big party with all the works including decorations, cakes, and games.

Planning a baby shower takes a lot of work. The hostess should ensure that the mom-to-be is as comfortable as possible and should take care that all the important people are invited. During the party, it is the hostess’s duty to ensure that all the guests are comfortable. It is a good idea to serve a few appetizers when the guests start arriving. It is also important to know how the guest is related to the parents-to-be. There can also be a “Guest of Honor” who can be a grandparent or a god parent. The party can be based on a theme like nursery rhymes or anything else relating to babies. The party would be more interesting with a few games like Naming the Baby, Rice Bowl, and Baby Guests. Small prizes like potpourri, candles, and candy can be given to the winners.

The gift opening can also be a grand affair with someone taking down the details of each gift and who it is from. This will make sending “thank-you” notes easier for the mom. Baby showers also include favors which the mom gives to the guests. These may include small gifts like lotions or balms packed cutely in small bags. These are meant to say “thank you” to the guests for attending the baby shower. There are many websites that offer information as well as products for baby showers.

Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is a party for the mother-to-be usually held a month or two her due date. It’s a wonderful way for family and friends to congratulate the soon to be mommy and celebrate the imminent arrival of her baby.

Usually a family member or friend hosts the baby shower (this is a great gift in and of itself). The shower is held in someone’s home or rented hall, and decorations are all baby related. Although the guest of honor may know about the shower, often times they are held as a “surprise”.

An expectant mother usually registers for baby gifts she would like to receive either online or in local baby shops. There is a wide variety of gifts available to suit every budget.

A wonderful gift that one could give is a baby book where mom can record the baby shower events, pictures, guests, gifts and thoughts about the day. Typical gifts range from useful to playful and include clothes, diapers, bath-time needs, strollers, high chairs, car seats and an assortment of educational and playful toys. Cuddly teddy bears are always a favorite, as are mobiles, music boxes and rattles.

Hand-stitched leather booties make a unique and beautiful gift, and handmade items are always adored, and there are made-to-order baby shower gift baskets that are available. These popular baskets are packed with items for both baby and mother. As an extra treat, you can add a baby book to the basket that has everything mom needs to know about her bundle of joy.

Baby Shower Gifts: Traditional vs. Personalized

Baby showers are surprise parties thrown by friends or colleagues to honor a couple that is joyously expecting a child. The purpose of the shower is to bestow gifts upon the parents-to-be so that are generally items that are necessary for babies. Baby showers are a perfect reason for friends and family to come together and meet the parents-to-be and the baby (if it is already born). It is a time for well wishing and celebration.

Gifts for baby showers can range from simple baby items like a crib or baby clothes to special gifts like a portable monitor, baby sheets, sling/front carrier, bouncers, specially designed toys, bath kits, activity toys like a baby gym, baby bags, and children’s books. There are many products in the market that are great as baby shower gifts. There are also websites which offer exclusive information about baby shower gifts.

Personalized gifts are also a wonderful way to show affection. Babies can be really demanding and would take a lot of adjusting too as soon as they are born. Friends can even plan to gift a few dinners to the couple who just had and baby and who are too tired or too busy to cook by themselves. Even the offer of a few days of baby sitting is a wonderful gift. If the baby shower has a theme, it is a great idea to give gifts that are based on that theme. These gifts can be used to decorate the baby’s room on the same theme. Sometimes, the gifts can be second-hand or used items, which are too expensive when brought new.

It is a good idea to enquire with the mom-to-be if she wants anything special since she may already have a few things belonging to her previous baby. This would help to avoid duplication. There are many gifts on the market exclusively for baby showers. These can even be ordered online and can be delivered to the parents-to-be if the guest cannot make it to the party.

Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a fun way to welcome a baby into the world and are great occasions for the parents-to-be to receive the wishes of all their friends. Generally given by friends and co-workers, baby showers are much more than just a party. They provide a chance for the guests to have a get together and maybe even meet the new baby.

Baby shower parties usually last for 2-3 hours depending on the number of guests and the kind of party. They can have any number of guests from five to more than a hundred. It is a good idea to have a few games in the party, as they are a lot of fun and also act as ice-breakers. They are a good way to interact wherein experienced parents can throw in advice for the parents-to-be. There can be two to four games planned in a baby shower and some small prizes to give the winners. However, the main idea is not to win or lose but to be as creative as possible and to make the party as much fun as possible.

A few common baby shower games are the Name Game (forming words with letters in baby names), Feeding Time! (while blindfolded try to scoop cotton balls), Rice Bowl (try to find safety pins in rice while blindfolded), Baby Guests (match each guest to their baby photo), Baby Bingo (bingo with baby words instead of numbers), Shower Gift Bingo (bingo played during gift opening), Round the Tummy (guests estimate size of mommy’s tummy), It’s in the Bag (guess what items are only by touch), Off Limits! (certain action or word off limits during shower), Baby Food Game (identifying baby foods based on their appearance), Scrambled (unscrambling baby-related words), Poopy Diaper (guess which candy bars are melted in a diaper) etc.

Before planning the games, it is wise to have all information about the number of guests who are expected to attend the party. All the supplies required for the games such as pens, paper, and other items have to the ready before the guests arrive. Keep a few spare supplies in case more guests turn up than expected. Small prizes can be awarded to the guests, including candles, potpourri, picture frames, food goodies like candy, bath soaps, and decorative flowers.