Army Ants

Army ants are a specific variety of ants whose size ranges between 3 mm-12mm. They have long pointed mandibles (lower jaw), long legs and an elongated body. The color of army ants ranges from deep golden to dull brown.

Army ants find nests, develop a social hierarchy and unlike other ants migrate to other areas. A typical army ant colony consists of about a million ants, which include a queen, her eggs, soldiers and workers. Every ant in the colony follows a hierarchy. The queen lays eggs the whole day. The soldier focuses on defense and attack. The workers do the foraging and the small worker ants take care of the queen’s eggs. Army ants are carnivorous and feed on other insects. They are capable of capturing much bigger animals like lizards, birds and pigs by organized group raids. Army ants have a huge appetite and can kill and eat 50,000-100,000 insects in a day. Due to this need for food, army ants have to migrate after sometime. The ants form temporary nests and migrate to a new place after raiding the whole colony. Any ants left in the raided colony become the slaves of the new ant society. Army ants fluctuate between a nomadic phase and a temporary resting phase. In the nomadic phase the ants march at night and rest during the daylight in their nests.

The nests of the army ants are quite different from that of any other ants. The nests are made up of the ants themselves. They form walls in the nest in a structured way so that the queen and the eggs are protected and there are enough chambers and corridors for other activities like, transportation of food.

Unlike all other ants and insects, army ants have single eyes instead of compound eyes. Their communication is dependent on chemical signals, vibrations and touch. Army ants release a chemical compound called pheromones by wiping their abdomen on the ground. The chemicals act as a devise to communicate a need for food, assistance and changing behavior pattern.

Arkansas Foreclosures

When most people purchase real property, they do not have sufficient finance to simply purchase the property outright. As a result, they are required to borrow funds from a lender, such as a bank or other financial institution. In exchange for lending funds, lenders will hold a lien against the property. If borrowers do not make the necessary payments in time, the loans go into default and lenders can implement the lien against the property. Lenders do this in order to take legal ownership of the property with the intention of selling it to pay off the borrower’s loan. This is known as foreclosure.

Creditors in Arkansas offer several options to homeowners as regards foreclosures depending on the situation. In order to evaluate these options, it is usually necessary for borrowers to have detailed information about their economic situation. The exact options available depend on the laws prevailing in Arkansas, as well as the policies of the lender.
The normally available options in Arkansas include forbearance, refinancing, mortgage modification, deferral of principal, and a temporary indulgence.

There are three different kinds of foreclosure sales, pre-foreclosure sales, foreclosure auctions, and real estate owned sales. A pre-foreclosure sale takes place when homeowners sell the property privately after the foreclosure process has begun, but before the property has really gone into foreclosure. In general, owners will be ready to sell the property below its appraised value, because they are under compulsion and want to pay off the mortgage, avoid the foreclosure process, and prevent damage to their credit rating.

Foreclosure auctions are another type of foreclosure sale. Trying to contend with professional individuals at such auctions can be very difficult for someone who is not properly prepared. Hence, these entail a great amount of risk. Frequently lenders also take part in these auctions, in order to avoid the property from being sold at a low price as that would result in the lender losing money.

Another type of foreclosure sales is the Real estate owned sales. These are the simplest and least risky kinds of transactions; however, they also offer the lowest potential repayment. These properties have previously completed the foreclosure process and are now owned by the bank or lending institution.

Arizona Spa Vacations

During the winter, many tourists visit Desert spa resorts in Arizona to relax their senses and nerves from their tiring hectic schedules. During colder months, visitors can also take advantage of the warm Arizona sun and enjoy one of many outdoor activities that go on year round in Arizona. There are also several first class spa vacation resorts in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson.

Destination spas are basically proclaimed as wellness centers with the main purpose of enhancing your physical and mental well-being. Some of the resorts have many different exercise and wellness classes that are offered as part of a complete spa package to tourists.

The most popular time to visit a spa in Arizona is during the winter and spring. One of the famous, Canyon Ranch Spa offers creative, healthy cuisine and a number of lifestyle improvement programs. Guests are allowed to choose from over 50 fitness classes with numerous spa treatments. Another center famous for spa services in Arizona is the Miraval. The resort is located in Southern Arizona near Tucson. It offers over 100 facial and body treatment options.

The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix offers facials, body treatments, hydrotherapy, and indoor and outdoor massages, indoor whirlpools, steam rooms, dry saunas, a fitness center and weekly 60+ fitness classes. The Boulders is another resort at Carefree – 33,000 — Golden Doorxae Spa. It has 24 treatment rooms, a labyrinth, a 2,000 square foot fitness center, watsu and Vichy treatment rooms with heated, tiled floors and Swiss showers, a couple’s suite with a private whirlpool, terrace & outdoor fireplace and the “Ultimate Spa Suite,”

Several of the fabulous treatments to drown your senses in include aromatherapy, Ayuveda Botox, collagen therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, Dead Sea Mud treatment, Diamond Laser peel, dry Brush, pulse scrub, exfoliation, Fango, herbal wraps, hydrotherapy, Kneipp baths, La Stone therapy, Loofah scrubs, lymph drainage, mcrodermabrasions, oxygen facials, polarity, reflexology, Reiki, Salt Glow, saunas, Scotch Hose and seaweed wraps.

The spas in Arizona also are affordable offering many different packages to fit any budget. In case you want to soothe your body, mind and soul, health vacations in Arizona can be a good option for a wonderful, relaxing getaway.

Arizona Real Estate

There is quite a bit of real estate available in Arizona, because new homes are being built constantly. If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you may be surprised by its vast open spaces – and even the new developments that spring up don’t seem to take anything away from all of that wide open space. In fact, all of that beautiful space is what attracts many people to the Arizona real estate market!

Many people buy real estate from a distance, sight unseen. While this practice can be used to scam people out of their hard-earned money, if you follow certain guidelines you and your money should be relatively safe. Start by understanding what documents you should see throughout the sale process.

The first thing you should see is the MLS printout. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. The MLS printout is a copy of the listing that was sent out by the service. It contains a description of the property, and there may be statements made in the MLS that need to be verified for accuracy. If the property or home is in a new sub-division, you need to ask for the Public Report as well.

Other important documents that you should request include the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS), Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs), governing documents from the Home Owner’s Association, HOA Disclosures, the Title Report, the Home Warranty Policy, an Affidavit of Disclosure, Lead-Based Paint Disclosure, County Assessors Records, and a Professional Home Inspection Report. Make sure that you get a copy of all of these documents, for your own protection. It is a good idea to have your lawyer look at these documents as well.

There is quite a bit of information that you need to learn about a property in the state of Arizona before making a purchase. For instance, some places in the state may be infested with scorpions, which are quite common in Arizona and are hard to get rid of. Some areas of Arizona contain soil and groundwater that has been contaminated by improper disposal methods. All of this information can be found at the Arizona Department of Real

Arizona Group Health Insurance

If you are starting out a business in Arizona and intend to employ people, it makes sense to thoroughly study the laws governing Arizona group insurance. You need to understand state and federal laws as well as individual regulations of health insurance companies in order to provide the best care you can for your employees while also protecting yourself as the employer.

There are some basic elements of Arizona group insurance. If you have a small business in Arizona (if you employ only two to fifty employees during one calendar year), you are not required to provide group health insurance to your employees. But sometimes you need to do this as an added incentive to your hard workers and potential recruits. If you decide to offer group insurance, you should keep two considerations in mind: health insurance eligibility requirements and premium payments.

You should understand health insurance eligibility requirements. As the employer, you are in charge of establishing the eligibility of your employees for health insurance. Most insurance companies offer you guaranteed issue deals that let you and your employees skip medical underwriting.

However, you still have the power to decide who among your employees are eligible for group insurance and who are not. Do you only give group health insurance to full-time employees, or do you include part-time workers? What constitutes full-time and part-time work? How long should an employee have been working for you before he or she qualifies for group insurance? Do you also cover his or her dependents; and if so, to what degree?

You should also consider the premium payments. In Arizona, you will typically be required to shoulder at least 50% of your employees’ portions of the premiums – this is the average percentage that insurance companies impose as an employer’s minimum contribution towards his or her employees’ health insurance payments. You may opt to cover all of your employees’ premiums; if you do so, you will not be required to contribute anything to their dependents’ plans.

Arizona Golf

Arizona is a place of beauty and splendor. It is considered bliss for golfers. It is known as a hub of golfers with its wonderful golf courses and attracts large number of tourists from around the globe.

Passionate professional golfers and amateur ones alike all dream of a wonderful golf vacation; Arizona is a paradise for them. That’s why it is often called ‘A State of Golf’. It’s a place for anyone and everyone who loves golf. Filled with new challenges are the widespread golf courses to recharge your senses as you take pleasure in the game.

To enjoy your golf vacations to the fullest you can go in for the resorts offering golf vacation deals and packages. These offers let you take full pleasure of your golfing and vacation together. All you have to do once you check into your room is start thinking about what shots you are going to play on the various golf courses. In these deals or offers you get the best of services within any budget. From air conditioned golf carts, plenty of rounds of golfing, your own type of golf course chosen from a large variety, luxury accommodations in villas or resorts, to the finest food facilities, it is all inclusive. You can even opt to customize your deals and packages according to your needs.

Arizona is also a delight for the golf shopping freaks on vacation in Arizona. Here you can get some really good buys as the state is all about golf. If golfing in different well-designed and complex courses is your dream, Arizona is the place to make all your dreams come true.

Arizona Estate Planning Lawyers

As defined under Arizona law, estate planning is planning the management and the disposition of your assets while you are alive and after your death. It also includes planning for your healthcare in case you become incapable of taking care of yourself. With the help of an Arizona estate planning lawyer, you can rest assured that your life’s work will be well taken care of.

In Arizona, if you die without a will, you may not have proper representation, and your family might be left fighting over your assets. If this is the case, Arizona will decide the successor to your property. It is best to hire a lawyer to get your affairs in order before it is too late. A good lawyer can interpret the maze of laws on property rights, taxes, probate and trusts.

Arizona estate planning lawyers can help you decide how to transfer property and resolve other financial and personal matters including retirement funding and tax planning. Most importantly, they can guide you through the process of making a will. They can help you set up a trust naming who will hold your property until your death and disperse the property according to your will.

Before hiring an estate-planning lawyer, you should verify his/her expertise and credentials because estate planning is a very important process in your life. To find an estate-planning lawyer, you can check with the State Bar Association of Arizona, or you can search on the Internet. There are a variety of links and resources about lawyers and law firms in Arizona.

Arizona DUI Records

Similar to arrest records, Arizona DUI records are a collection of cases wherein the offenders are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is available for public viewing and is primarily used by insurance companies and agencies wishing to hire a candidate. The purpose is to make sure that the individual has no criminal records related to drunken driving.

Registrations of the DUI records are done by the motor vehicle departments and the law enforcement agencies. Once a person is featured in the DUI records, normal life recedes into the distant past. Some aspects of the punishment include alcohol classes, enormous fines, and increased insurance costs. To avoid the legal complications, it is advisable to keep evidence in support of the driving school attended or fines paid.

Several companies in Arizona do regular, scheduled Arizona DUI Record checkups. Failure to inform the employer of a recorded offense results in the immediate loss of work and initiation of legal proceedings against the employee.

DUI records also make a note of less severe offenses like a parking ticket. In such cases, once the fine has been paid, it is recommended that the offender ensure that the authorities remove the name from the record. This is important because if the government agency fails to correct it on time, it leads to several complications, especially if the offense is committed following a theft of the vehicle. It can result in a case of mistaken identity and false assumption of an individual having served time for drunk driving. Inaccuracies in the DUI record can hike up the insurance rates and wreck the chances of success even for the most qualified candidate.

Simple safety precautions and advanced knowledge about Arizona DUI record allows one to correct the errors and avoid complications.

Arizona DUI Proceedings

Like most other court proceedings, the Arizona DUI proceedings are also complex and depend on a lot of variables. The most important and one that often decides the fate of the case is whether the DUI has been registered as a misdemeanour or a felony. A misdemeanour carries less sentence or fine than a felony.

The DUI proceedings in Arizona do not always follow one line of process. Before a criminal court case is initiated, an accused has to go through an MVD hearing session. This hearing has a direct bearing on the right of the person to drive in Arizona. This, should, therefore, take an equal priority. There are also deadlines imposed by the court on the hearings. An accused should be aware of this deadline, for failure to request a hearing before this said deadline, makes the defendant lose the right to the hearing.

The first step in the DUI criminal court proceedings is the appearance before the judge. This initiates the case and the presence of the accused is not required unless he or she has been charged DUI felony. In this first appearance, the charges against an accused are read. The extent of the charges decides whether one goes for a bail application or an appearance bond.

There is a preliminary hearing held after this, unless of course, an indictment has happened. The judge, in this hearing, decides the causes and evidence present and whether that was enough to press DUI charges against the accused. What can go wrong here is the pressing of additional charges, which may require the judge to order the accused back into custody.

The step after this is the arraignment ordering the accused to be present at the Superior Court. This usually happens only in cases of aggravated DUI charges in Arizona. Here the accused is informed of the charges and given a chance to answer them.

Next is a pre-trial conference, where the attorney of the accused is allowed to negotiate a plea with the prosecuting attorney. This is also the time for the issuance of the pre-trial motions.

After these, the actual DUI criminal trial is initiated. How the case is fought by both the attorneys will determine the sentence given to the accused. This could range from a simple and small jail sentence, to a prison term, unsupervised probation or even a formal probation. The sentence may also end up including a combination of the said punishments. The defendants’ attorney has the chance to negotiate some alternative programs, instead of a jail or prison sentence. This can include electronic home monitoring, treatment, weekend work or even counselling.

Arizona DUI Penalties

In case of a DUI related crime, the penalty given to an accused depends mainly on two factors, the type of DUI that was charged, which is dependent on the gravity of the crime or offence, and on the criminal record of the accused.

In case of being First DUI Impaired or if the Blood Alcohol Count (BAC) is above the specified limit of .080, the sentence could be jail term of 10 consecutive days, nine of which are subject to being suspended on completion of the substance and alcohol abuse screening, counselling and treatment ordered by the court. A fine of $1475 is charged with additional amount of $250 towards the DUI abatement fund, a suspension of the driver’s license for three months i.e. 90 days. The judge could also put the accused on probation of up to five years.

In case of a Second DUI Impaired or BAC above the level of 0.080, a 90 days jail sentence is awarded, of which 60 days can be suspended based on the completion of substance and alcohol abuse screening, counselling and treatment as ordered by the court. The fine is $2675, with additional amount of $250 towards the DUI abatement fund, revoking of the driver’s licence for one year, and a possible probation period of five years. The court has the right to forfeit a vehicle belonging to the accused which he or she was driving, at time of the arrest for DUI.

In case of a first extreme DUI with a BAC of 0.15 or higher, the sentence could be jail term of 30 consecutive days of which 20 days can be suspended on completion of the substance and alcohol abuse screening, counselling and treatment ordered by the court. A fine of $2225 is charged with additional amount of $250 towards the DUI abatement fund, a suspension of the driver’s license for three months i.e. 90 days. The judge could also put the accused on probation of up to five years.

In case of a second extreme DUI with a BAC of 0.15 or higher, the sentence could be jail term of 120 days, 60 of which are subject to being suspended on completion of the substance and alcohol abuse screening, counselling and treatment ordered by the court. A fine of $2225 is charged with additional amount of $250 towards the DUI abatement fund, a suspension of the driver’s license for three months i.e. 90 days. The judge could also put the accused on probation of up to five years.

In the case of a felony DUI in the presence of a child under the age of 15, if the accused has a clean record previously, the accused will have to serve a prison term for between 4 months to 2 years. The fine slapped is up to $150,000 with a surcharge of 80 percent. The driver’s license of the accused is revoked for three years, the probation period extends up to ten years and the court has the right to forfeit the vehicle in which the DUI felony was committed.

For a felony DUI or a third DUI in the last sixty months, the minimum sentence to be served is 1 year to 3.75 years in prison. The fine is up to $150,000 with a surcharge of 80 percent, with the driver’s license standing revoked for three years and a possible probation of up to ten years. The punishment includes a possible forfeiture of the vehicle in which the last felony was committed.